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China Morong Laser Engraving Service details关于摩戎的激光打标业务说明


Nanjing Morong is located in Pukou, Nanjing, China. We have several sets of Laser Engraving Machines (Laser marking machines). If you have request on Lasering LOGO, Laser marking, Laser engraving, please contact us immediately. 18021543605 Mr.Xu


The main business for Laser Marking from Nanjing Morong Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd. is for our nearby customers, like Nanjing Laser marking,   Nanjing laser engraving , Pukou Laser marking, Pukou laser engraving, Chahe laser marking, Chahe laser engraving. That's only for China Local Nearby Customers. Our main business is CNC machining parts. Some of the parts from our worldwid customers also ask for Lasering Letters or laser engraving LOGOs,.


Regarding Laser Marking or Laser Engraving, it has these advantages:

1). Rapid writing letter or logo clearly and permantly.

2) Non-contact processing, small pollution, no wear.


3)Easy to operate, strong anti-counterfeiting function.


4) can achieve high speed automatic operation, low production cost.


5)Accurate and meticulous: machining accuracy can reach 0.1 mm


6Low cost: not limited by the amount of processing, for small batch processing services, laser process is more suitable.